Facts of Teen Health Boards

Adolescence is a period when your child undergoes multiple alterations, both physically and mentally. It is a stage of puberty which poses an overall effect on the human body. Much care of the child is to be taken during this period because if any disease, especially in the mental context, happens to strike your child then it may soil the life of the teenager by lasting for a lifetime leaving him handicapped and so the Teen Health Boardshave prescribed certain methods and guidelines as to how to take care of these growing children who are standing at the entrance of adulthood.


There are certain key reasons as to why the boards are established. Similarly, these Teen Health Boards are meant to prevent teenagers from going astray. It is a group that is meant to support the teenagers from drug abuse and various other dire habits that a teenager might fall into, the reason being that teenage is a ‘slip and fall’ stage so they have to caution against slipping which will make them face a fall full of pangs. These health boards also provide guidelines to the parents, in terms of the rearing of their adolescence child. They are made to understand that at this stage, the children ought not to be made to face the physical pain that is a result of thrashing. They must be counselled dexterously so that they even obey their elders and refrain from taking a wrong turn.

Team health boards

Goals of the Team health boards

 Now, let us get acquainted with the goals and objectives set by the teen health boards in order to attain a sound physical and mental health for the youth of today.

  • Empowerment towards the good health of the teenagers focusing on both the physical and mental health of the body.
  • Guidance to the parents to provide a safe, secure, family-centred and non-judgmental environment.
  • Providing support in the various educational opportunities and advocacy.
  • To develop and maintain a loving, caring and compassionate environment for the adolescents.

Prophecy and Undertaking

The central vision of the Teen Health Boardslies in the nucleus of its operations as it prophesizes to maintain the proper health of adolescence and keeping them sound and safe.They tend to provide them with the education in regards to mating, as they are running in the stage of puberty and must be warned against the danger signs. They also tend to create a family-like atmosphere so that the adolescence feels comfortable and provide them with opportunities to prove their caliber and become successful.


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